Adolescent/Adult Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Services

Our licensed treatment program helps adults and adolescents (ages 13 – 17) discontinue using drugs and alcohol.  Students receive an assessment, drug tests, and participate in individual, family and group counseling.  Treatment services are provided at our downtown clinic. Palmer offers an open door policy that ensures that any teen seeking treatment will be served regardless of their family’s ability to pay.  Parent groups provided in English and Spanish.

  • Assessment and Personalized Treatment Plan: Conducting assessments with both the young person and their family before developing a personalized treatment plan reflects a tailored approach.
  • Family Participation: Educating families about addiction and involving them in the recovery process is seen as a contributing factor to the individual’s success.
  • Program Length and Structure: The flexibility in program length, ranging from 4 education sessions to 6 weeks or more of a combination of group, individual, and family counseling sessions.
  • Convenient Scheduling: Morning, afternoon and evening hours and at multiple locations to accommodate the schedules of teen and their families.
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Appointment Form

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